SYF Leaves No Child Behind

This year’s high school
graduates will be the first class to have been educated entirely under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The NCLB law took effect in 2002 and has had a
widespread effect on U.S. public school classrooms throughout that time. The
law affects what students are taught, the tests they take, the quality and
training of their teachers, and how money is spent on education.

Reports indicate that the
nation’s high school graduation rate rose from 72 percent to 75.5 percent
between 2002 and 2009. This reflects efforts to develop and implement
strategies to keep students from dropping out, following NCLB. Meanwhile, the
graduation rate for Simon Youth Foundation (SYF) remains at 90% cumulative across the year.
At Simon Youth Foundation,
we know not everyone learns the same way. Every student is unique, and every
student’s learning needs and academic abilities are unique as well. Finding a
common ground to ensure that every student gets a quality education can be
challenging. SYF is very in tune with what the 50+ school district partners
nationwide need in their communities to help their students be successful.
SYF is very proud in the
role it plays in helping students succeed and in empowering educators to
creatively ignite hope in the students who come to one of the 23 SY Academies.
No matter the reason students enter the doors at a SY Academy, SYF is committed
to helping them achieve their dream of graduation. SYF leaves no child behind!

SYF is committed to
improving academic achievement and proudly boasts results. Over the past 15
years, Simon Youth Foundation has graduated 10,000 students and awarded
$10,000,000 to help hard-working young students succeed. Last year alone, in
partnership with more than 50 school districts, Simon Youth Academies (SYAs)
graduated more than 1,300 students, with 10 Academies receiving a 100%
graduation rate.

While opinions and debates
may continue over whether the law is an effective way to improve academic
achievement. One constant remains at Simon Youth Foundation – the commitment to
helping at-risk students graduate. SYF changes lives!

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