1,000 diplomas = $350,000,000 impact

One by one, more than 1,000 students at Simon Youth Academies
from Seattle to Orlando accepted their high school diplomas during the
seven-week-long 2014 graduation season. 

At some recent point, each of these graduates was at-risk of
becoming a dropout statistic, and many expressed the sentiment of feeling like
only a number in their traditional high schools. But their Academy experience
was different – richer, more flexible and marked by personal attention.  At the Academies, students described feeling
significant, often for the first time in their young lives.  They came to see themselves as much more than
a statistic or a number.

Now, as high school graduates, numbers help tell their
collective story in a new way.  Each
graduate will earn on-average $350,000 more over the course of their lifetimes
than students who drop out.  Among this
most recent group of Academy graduates, their boosted earning potential adds up
to $350 million in positive economic impact! And for our students who continue
their educational pursuits at 2- or 4-year institutions, that number will

Here’s one final math lesson to wrap up the 2013-14 school

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