15-10-10: The Combination for a Successful 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, Simon Youth Foundation celebrates
a year of record-breaking successes –achievements that became possible because
of support from our terrific partners.  

15-10-10 was our mantra, our motto, our focus. This year at
SYF, we celebrated our 15th Anniversary, graduated our 10,000th
student and awarded our 10 millionth dollar in scholarships. We unleashed the “power of orange.” And we
never once forgot the sole purpose of our existence: to help at-risk kids who are on the verge of
dropping out of high school stay in school.

Whether you are a donor, a corporate partner, a student, a
teacher or one of the thousands who shared our stories with your Facebook
friends, you played a role in these accomplishments, and SYF is grateful. Because of you, lives certainly were changed –
perhaps even saved. 

SYF celebrates these milestones with great passion and
pride, but we know that we must continue to find new ways to advocate, create
and initiate educational opportunities for our nation’s at-risk youth. We must continue to meet these youth where
they are and provide them with the skills and resources they need to pursue
their dreams.

you for a wonderful 2013.  We look
forward to your continued partnership in the new year!

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