Bullying is preventable. Learn how you can help stop it before it starts.

We’ve all been there.  Or we’ve witnessed it.  Or we’ve seen the damage and the hurt. ​Maybe, just maybe, we were the ones who were doing it.  We were the ones being the bully.  Or watching someone getting bullied, and we laughed or we did nothing.
​Depicted on television and in movies for years, a part of our literature for centuries, and an unfortunate corollary to the Information Age, bullying (and cyber-bullying) have entered the forefront of the public consciousness as behavior that is no longer either cool or acceptable.
​October is Bullying Awareness Month.  We at Simon Youth Foundation encounter the effects of bullying in our Academies every day.  Many of our students come to our schools because they have been bullied to the point of wanting to drop out. And we all know the average economic and career prospects of a high school dropout in 21st-century America.
​Cyber bullying is particularly harsh due to its very nature—the threat and the consequences are there every hour of every day.  A note passed in class is one thing, but the same words written on Facebook or other avenues of social media carry a sting that is nearly impossible to escape.
​Simon Youth Foundation embraces our role in serving students who have been bullied and helping them chart a course that rebuilds their self-respect, emphasizes consideration for others, and creates a new path to Graduation Day. ​It is our mission to provide these students with opportunities to succeed, and it is our responsibility to deliver and reinforce the message that bullying and cyber bullying are unacceptable in any environment.
Bullying is, without question, a circumstance that leads many students to Simon Youth Academies. And it is a circumstance that is largely preventable by a concerted effort from fellow students, friends, adults and mentors in these students’ lives. Learn more about bullying, cyber bullying, and how to stop it before it starts. Visit http://www.stopbullying.gov to read about the effects of bullying on kids and their educational opportunities. 

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