Celebrating Student Successes

As students begin to head back to
school, we are reminded of the hard work, perseverance and dedication it takes
for SYF students to succeed. Their path is often more difficult, filled with
obstacles and challenges that might discourage many. However, as we celebrated
our 10,000th graduate this year, we know dreams can be achieved. 
With the help of Simon Youth Foundation Community Scholarships, Marija and David are two students pursuing their dreams of higher
education. Simon
Youth Scholarships support hundreds of college-bound students each year,
because SYF’s work with students doesn’t stop when they graduate high school.
are annually awarded to Simon Youth Academy graduates and students in every
community that is home to a Simon property. Here are two students who proudly shared their story with us.
She has dreams of becoming a medical doctor and making a difference in her
community in Texas through medicine. Marija received a 2013 Community
Scholarship from La Plaza Mall,  from La Plaza
McAllen, TX – a scholarship that will help her support her dreams.
“When I received your scholarship
letter, I knew people out there care and believe in students like me. Your
award will not only make college more affordable for me this fall, but you are
also the reason why I am confident that I can accomplish anything I set my mind
to. Thank you for believing in me and giving me an opportunity for higher
education. Like my father always says, every little bit helps.” 
Marija will attend Texas State University: San Marcos in the fall, where she plans on studying microbiology. 
Growing up with a learning disability, David did not have an easy path to
follow, sometimes no path at all. But with determination, hard work, and a
support system he graduated. He received a 2013 Community Scholarship from Brea
Mall, in Brea, CA. David will be attending University of California: Irvine, where he plans to study sociology.
David shared with us his advice for
  1. Never give up. 
  2. Seek out resources.

Simon Youth Foundation Community Scholarships not
only provide monetary support to students, but give motivation and
self-confidence as well. Many times, these small stepping-stones become a
catalyst in helping young people achieve their goals and dreams.
At SYF, we congratulate all of our
2012-2013 graduates and scholarship recipients and wish them well. And, at the
same time, we wish the very best for our new students as they head back to
school. We’re on your side – cheering for you every step of the way!
This year, SYF celebrates 15
years, our 10,000th graduate and the awarding of $10 million in

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