Heartfelt Thank You to an Anonymous Donor

At Northshore Mall in
Peabody, MA, a quiet gentleman has visited Guest Services time and again to make
generous contributions to Simon Youth Foundation.  Over time, his dollars turned into hundreds
of dollars, and eventually the anonymous donor surpassed the $1,200 mark.  Attentive Simon employees
took note, and although the humble patron wishes to remain anonymous, a student
at Simon Youth Peabody Learning Academy at Northshore
couldn’t pass up an opportunity to compose this note of thanks:
Dear Sir,

I just wanted to say
thank you for your contributions to our school. 
My name is Nichole and I am soon to be a proud graduate of the Peabody Learning
Academy. I know that you have probably heard hundreds of graduates praise their
alma maters, but my accolades for my school are sincere.  Six years ago, I started having medical
problems and was diagnosed with a genetic disease.  Attending school on a regular basis became a
challenge, and the norm for me was missing on average 80 days of a school
year.  I found it hard missing school,
even with tutors coming to my house; I was always trying to catch up.  I want you to know that I loved school, loved
learning and was a good student.  My
junior year was the worst, and I just gave up. 
I felt alone, defeated and felt that everyone was giving up on me.  I resolved that I would probably never be
able to graduate with my class, and I gave up on my dreams for my future. The
Peabody High School has hundreds of students; I was just a number and a kid
with poor attendance.  Then Mr. Bedard at
the Peabody Learning Academy found me.  I
remember the day that my mom and dad took me to PLA for an interview; my
parents could not believe that I was being given such a great opportunity.  Mr. Bedard told my parents that he was here
to help me, and if I did the work, and followed the rules that I may be able to
graduate with my class.  Mr. Bedard
explained that he would give me the tools, and the rest was going to be up to
me.  Mr. Bedard said that he believed in
me and told my parents that he would take care of me.  Having a man as well respected as him believing
in me changed everything.  With the help
from the two teachers, Mr. Tanglis and Mrs. Murray, and of course Mr. Bedard I
am proud to say I am an A student. I have not missed a single day of school,
and I will be graduating in May 2014 with my class.  I am even more proud to say that my future
has been resurrected and most of all I believe in myself.  I’m in the process of filling out
applications for college and I hope to go to medical school; I want to work
with children like myself. I want to encourage them to dream and to reach for
their goals.  Most of all I want children
to know they aren’t alone.  Someday I
hope to support the Peabody Learning Academy just like you did.  This school really does change lives. 


Nichole Kernweis

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