KDP Names Simon Youth Peabody Learning Academy Director Seith Bedard “Teacher of Honor”

students at a time: That’s how Mr. B. diligently works to educate at-risk youth
in Peabody, Mass.  Class credit by class
credit, he and his fellow teachers transform kids who likely would have been
dropout statistics into high school graduates. 

With every
new class that crosses the stage to shake his hand and proudly receive their
diplomas, it’s easy to see Seith Bedard’s commitment to educating all students.
And it’s easy to understand why
Kappa Delta Pi selected him as their newest “Teacher of Honor.” 

In his three
years at Simon Youth Peabody Learning Academy
at North Shore Mall (MA), Seith has helped 95 students who were at risk of
dropping out of school stay in school. Personal attention, academic
achievement, and preparation for the worlds of work or higher education are
hallmarks of the education Seith’s students receive.  He knows that some students need a small
school environment to experience academic success and personal growth, and he
knows that some students simply need second chances.

remembers his parents tacking A+ papers to the refrigerator when he was a kid,
and he remembers how that encouragement pushed him to work hard in the
classroom. As a teacher, he strives to create the same kind of encouraging environment
with his “Diploma Wall” – a visual, daily reminder for students of how far they’ve
come and what they have left to accomplish. 

Simon Youth
Foundation congratulates Mr. B. on being named a KDP “Teacher of Honor,” and we
thank him for continuing to inspire those around him: students, teachers, and
the entire SYF team.

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