Meet Orange! SYF’s Mascot.

I’m a little guy, but I’m
making a big splash tonight at Simon’s 2014 Employee Contribution Campaign (ECC).
I may be yellow, but I
actually represent the Power of Orange.
My more famous relatives
are Donald and Daffy.
Do you know me?
I’m Orange, this year’s
ECC mascot. You’re going to see me in the Simon Tower, floating in the fountain
and migrating and moving around throughout the month of October. I may even
venture out to Simon Malls for some retail therapy. When you see me, take my
picture (not to brag, but ducks are often respected for their beauty – can’t
you see it?) — post it to your Facebook or tweet me (I prefer to quack) with a
message of igniting hope. We’re going to have fun! Don’t forget to tag it:
@SYF, #poweroforange, #ignitehope
You may be wondering why
Simon Youth Foundation (SYF) decided to select me – a duck, to represent this
year’s campaign. Why not? The idea of a campaign mascot is meant to be fun and
I think when they decided on me, the staff actually “quacked” up about it!
Seriously though, did you
know ducks are a Celtic animal symbol of honesty, simplicity and
resourcefulness? We represent sensitivity and are sensitive to our
surroundings. Again, not to brag, but ducks also are viewed as graceful and
So, how does that relate
to SYF? Their simple and small (yet talented) staff provides incredible
resources to help at-risk students stay in school. Everyone at SYF is sensitive
to the fact that all students are unique and each student’s learning needs and
academic abilities are unique as well. The graceful way in which they partner
with school district and corporate partners to support students is commendable.
So, here I am … a simple,
small duck trying to help Simon with its most successful Employee Contribution
Campaign.  Orange. Yep, that’s me, doing what I can to share the

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