My Summer at SYF

Doc1My name is Allison and I spent this summer as a communications intern for Simon Youth Foundation. On my third day here at SYF, I decided to write down my thoughts about the job so far. This is what I wrote:

“Today is my third day working as a SYF Communications Intern. I’ll admit that I was very nervous to begin this job, because I have never worked in a business setting like this before; however, I am absolutely blown away by the mission of this nonprofit and the people who are behind it all. I feel lucky to be able to learn from this staff to better myself personally and professionally.”

The same ideas that I wrote on my third day here remained true through my last week with SYF.

This fall, I will be a senior at Indiana University studying Journalism and Public Relations. While at school, I’m involved with a few different student organizations, all with the same focus: improving the lives of children. Through my experiences with those organizations, I found that I could make a career out of helping people and decided that’s exactly what I want to do with my life.

It felt like fate when I found the SYF internship listing, involving the combination of education and fundraising, two of the things I enjoy most.

I was elated when I got the job because I knew it had the potential to change my life and I truly believe that it has.

From the moment I stepped into the SYF office, I knew that this was where I needed to be. All of the SYF staff was extremely welcoming and willing to help me learn every single day that I spent here. I often tell my friends and family that I’ve learned more from the people that I work with than the actual job itself. I think that speaks volumes to the types of individuals who lead Simon Youth Foundation and make it the incredible organization that it is.

Every single person on the SYF staff has impacted my time here- something I am very grateful for.

I’ve learned an immense amount about the nonprofit world during my time here, but the largest takeaway that I’ve found at SYF this summer is the magnitude of generosity you can find if you simply ask.

I have had the privilege of meeting so many incredible people involved with the Academies, including educators and students. Witnessing the commitment and passion behind this mission, on every level, has inspired me to truly find my own passion and see where that can take me in terms of helping as many people as possible during my career.

I’ve also had the opportunity to interact with people in our community who support SYF such as Simon employees, sponsors and volunteers. Through these conversations, I’ve learned how generous people in the community can be, which gives me a great amount of hope for the future.

Now that my time here has come to an end, I am so thankful for my experience with SYF. My entire life, I was unsure of what I wanted to do and what I was capable of doing in my lifetime. This internship has opened my eyes and pushed me to find things that I care about and find how I can work to better them. Within this small office of 11 professionals, I have learned that with hard work, passion and determination, you can change someone’s story and help them reach a better future.

A friend once told me, “It only takes one person to completely change someone’s life.”

This idea is demonstrated every single day at each of the 29 Simon Youth Academies. Because of SYF, I am confident that I can be that one person and make a positive impact wherever I go. I’m leaving this internship feeling so inspired. I feel so lucky to have had a small role in the efforts of this monumental organization.

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  • Darla Merrill

    Awesome opportunity Allison. SYF is the real deal. Start here and go anywhere. You have just experienced what our students feel each and everyday when they are surrounded by caring, dedicated and supported staff. Thank you for sharing your time and story with us.

  • Trudy Appleby

    I’m so very proud of you, Allison. I know you will make a difference to EVERYONE you come in contact with. You are such a wonderful young woman with a lot to give. Keep up the fantastic work you do. We Love You.

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