“Overwhelmed with the abundance of options . . . and it’s a great feeling.”

more than 11,000 graduates, Simon Youth Academies are home to more than 11,000
inspiring stories of hope and determination. 
One of these success stories came to light late in 2013 when SYF
received a note from a young man who was to graduate from Simon Youth Academy
at Opry Mills in Nashville, TN.  The entire
SYF team was touched by this student’s sincerity and how earnestly he accepted
our support. 
the SYF team attended Opry Mills’ mid-year graduation ceremony in December,
2013, we had an opportunity to meet this young man and to learn more about his
journey. He was selected by his teachers to speak at graduation, and just as
his note had done weeks earlier, his speech struck a chord with the entire

His message
is one that you simply need to hear in his own words.
meet Brandon Pressley . . .

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