Special Thanks to Some Incredible Teachers

In General

In celebration of
Teacher Appreciation Week, SYF offers our deepest gratitude to a special group
of educators – our Simon Youth Academy team. 
These remarkable individuals specialize not only in teaching traditional
subjects, but also in encouraging and inspiring students who were once at-risk
of becoming drop-out statistics.
abuse, illness and other serious life circumstances can compromise a student’s
ability to succeed in a traditional high school setting and often push good
students to drop out of school.  Our SYF
teachers reach these youth; rebuild trust that has been crushed along the way; and
provide the tools and resources students need to stay in school and
we asked Simon Youth Academy students to tell us about their educational
experiences. Most of them didn’t talk about classmates or classrooms.
They talked about teachers.  Here are some of their responses:

“I love the atmosphere that
the teachers create at the Academy. This is the first time I have felt that my
teachers cared about my feelings and my future!”

-Cecilia, ’14, Simon Youth
Academy at Hickory Hollow
Nashville, TN

“At a traditional high
school, I was just a number among hundreds of students, and I struggled with
attendance due to health problems. But at Peabody Learning Academy, my teachers
know me, believe in me and have inspired me to become an “A” student
once again.”

-Nichole, ’14 Simon Youth
Peabody Learning Academy at Northshore Mall
Peabody, MA

“Being able to go at your
own pace is why I love being at the Academy.  The instructors are always
there to help you and answer your questions.”

-Jeana, ’14, Simon Youth
Clark Pleasant Academy
Whiteland, IN

Our teachers know that every student is
at-promise to accomplish great things when they are presented with
opportunities, and at SYF, we are inspired daily by these teachers.  Our appreciation for their efforts is a
year-round sentiment, but especially during this week set aside to honor their
service, we thank our Simon Youth Academy teachers for their dedication to
educating all students. 
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