SYF scholarship recipient postpones higher ed for year of service in Senegal

Below is a slideshow of images from Brandon Callegari’s year of service in Senegal



When Brandon Callegari asked to defer his Simon Youth Foundation scholarship, he had a great reason. Callegari chose to spend a year serving others in Senegal.

As part of Princeton University’s Bridge Year Program, the SYF Award of Excellence scholarship recipient traveled abroad after graduation.

Staying with a host family, Callegari is immersed in the culture. He describes his time in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, as “absolutely beautiful, with amazing sunsets and lots of sand.”

Callegari said he feels welcomed by his host family and the people of Senegal. “The people here have so much kindness and hospitality,” Callegari said. “People go out of their way to help you here…helping you carry a heavy bag or helping you learn the local language.”

In addition to learning Wolof, the local language, Callegari is teaching children English through a program with the national YMCA Senegal.

SYF is proud to support Callegari during his bridge year and eager to follow his story.

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