Teacher Appreciation Week: SYF Teacher Receives Emmy

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There’s a lot to be gained from work on Astronomy: a knowledge of the space, a greater understanding of our place in the universe, and…an Emmy?

That’s what happened to Dennis Tabor, the Science Chair at Wichita Public Schools and a teacher at Simon Youth Academy at Towne West Square. According to a recent report from Cowley College, where Tabor serves as an adjunct professor, Tabor served as a subject matter expert for the series “Astronomy: Observations & Theories”.

“I collaborated with a team of subject matter experts to update the video series and the supplemental materials,” Tabor said. “At one point, I had the brief pleasure of discussing house renovations with one of the actors in the series, Neil deGrasse Tyson. My main job was to revise and edit script and video treatments for specific programs in the series.”

A year later, Tabor received a phone call that the video series had won an Emmy Award in the “Best Instructional Programming” category.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and we would like to thank the faculty and staff at the 22 Simon Youth Academies across the country. Every day, these public school teachers are doing amazing things with at-risk students. That work will never be forgotten. But these world-class teachers are also making a significant impact outside of the classroom. Tabor’s Emmy is a perfect example of that.

The only drawback seems to be that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is slow. The series was chosen in 2006, but Tabor’s Emmy just arrived this year.

From an astrologist’s perspective, nine years is just a blink of an eye.

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