Two Weeks In: How’s Your Resolution Coming?

We went down to the gym at Simon corporate headquarters today to get an unscientific feel for how things are going for New Year’s Resolutions.
The scene was desolate compared to Monday, January 5, but not altogether surprising. A recent study showed that almost 30 percent of resolvers have failed to keep their pledge just two weeks into a New Year. Less than half are still plugging away after six months.

So individuals – who may have vowed to shed a few pounds, stop smoking, or find love – have the odds stacked against them. Most people just can’t overcome the hurdle of fulfilling a resolution. But what happens when you ask some folks who are used to being the underdog?
The school leaders at Simon Youth Academies are facing long odds every day. They are working to motivate hundreds of young people with extraordinary circumstances towards a high school diploma, and they do so with a 90 percent success rate. We asked several of them what their resolutions were for their school, and here’s a sample of what we heard:

My goal is to have more community involvement for 2015. I am bringing in a group of mentors for this semester. Go Colts.
Bill Warren, Simon Youth Academy at Old Cockrill (Nashville, TN)

Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy’s resolution for 2015 is to increase student participation in dual enrollment with Delaware County Community College.
Joe Fuhr, Simon Youth Rose Tree Media Academy (Media, PA)
Improve Students and Staff Attendance
Update & Improve Curriculum and State Level Testing
Have patience
Monitor Student Progress Weekly
Motivate and Engage Disengaged Students across Content Areas.  
Cynthia Bosie-Colbert, Simon Youth Judson Learning Academy (San Antonio, TX)
Implement the Dave Ramsey financial literacy curriculum given to us by 5/3 Bank.
Get at least 50% of our graduates to apply for an SYF scholarship.
That should keep us busy.
Steve Curiel, Simon Youth Coast High School Academy (Westminster, CA)

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