Wishing Continued “Soxcess” for 2014 SYF Scholarship Recipient, Jeremy Garriga

Contributed by Jen Pittman, Vice President of Programs at Simon Youth Foundation
a parent, I work hard every day to make my children happy and put them in a
position to succeed.  I give them all
the love I can, provide them with support and encouragement, and tell them
that their hard work will be recognized and rewarded. 
like to think all these wonderful truths and feelings will be enough; but I
know, sometimes, that it takes a little extra to make dreams come true and hope
a reality.
the Simon Youth Community Scholarship Program, SYF strives to be the “little
extra” that students, parents, and schools need to meet their goals and secure
a brighter future.  Frequently, we are
lucky enough to get affirmation of our mission through a note from a student or
such a note came to us this summer from Jeremy Garriga.  Jeremy lives in New Jersey and recently
received a Simon Youth Community Scholarship from Newport Centre to attend
college this fall.
Jeremy Garriga, Scholarship Recipient
is more than just a young man headed to Seton Hall University to major in
pre-med with a goal of being a neurosurgeon and medical researcher.  He is also a young entrepreneur, volunteer and
still in high school, Jeremy founded Soxcess – an initiative dedicated to
providing new socks and other basic necessities to those in need.  In three years, Soxcess provided hundreds of
socks and other goods to shelters in New Jersey and a pediatric hospital.  Jeremy even partnered with LUSH and Target,
and these retailers provided donated goods and volunteer service.
SYF scholarship will go toward his tuition and the overall cost of attending
Seton Hall.  He earned it by putting into
practice all the things he was taught by others and all the amazing things he
taught himself.
2015 scholarship program is just around the corner.  Soon, we’ll be looking in every community
that is home to a Simon property for our next class of scholarship recipients.  We know there are incredible college-bound
high school students, like Jeremy, whose dreams will be more readily attainable
with a “little extra” help, and SYF would be proud to play a role in their
educational pursuits.  Learn more about
Simon Youth Community Scholarships at syf.org.

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